About 15-FanNariza

Hello All!

Let me introduce my self ^^

Name : Nadia Rizky Hairunnisa

Pen Name : 15-FanNariza

Korean Name : Park Rin Ha

Born : 30 April 2000, Palembang

Blood Type : O

Some facts about me :

Love all related with mathematics, fantasy, adventure, action, mystery, games^^, nature, write, anime especially Naruto :D. My Hobby is imagining, make a story, reading a novel, playing games, and much more. I love make a story with some genre, like fantasy, action, angst, and sad.

Don’t like people who show off their physical greatly overheated :) Hate overbearing people who like to show off what they’ve got to excess, and love people who are grateful for what they have and make it useful for everyone.

Sometimes be annoying girl XD, naughty, sucks, and peeve :P . A student at Lematang Lestari Junior High School, with my beloved friend ^^.

Want to know more about me? Contact me at : Twitter | Facebook | WordPress *still empty LOL*


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