About Choilady


A-Yo GG!

Let me introduce myself~ Here comes trouble! *oke, please ignore that=_=*

No, I’m serious now._. ehem.. Hai, everyone^-^Firstly, I would thanks to you who  have spent your time to read it, huekeke, so shy :$ /plak/=_=

Oke, oke, I’ll tell you who I am;;) my name is rismayasa, but you can call me just risma or mae._. or eonni or dongsaeng or nuna whatever you want, depends on the situation;p I’m 96lines._. and my korean name is Soonhee Kim;;)

I’m an ELF, till now I just ELF;) and Captain Choi Siwon is my future husband, my the one ultimate bias:$ but don’t call me as Siwonest-_- (dunno, I love CSW but I don’t want to call myself as Siwonest:|) but I have another bias too^-^ They are Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk… hmm… ahh all members of Super Junior are my bias, my beloved, fufufu:3 ❤ and I’m SMstand._.

Naaah, because CSW is my the one my ultimate bias so I will spread virus WonHee -ChoiSiwon and KimSoonhee- :3:$ huahahaha. Spread~spread~spread until you become a WonHeelic. (WonHeelic is WonHee’s fans name, huahaha xD)

If you wanna know more about me you can follow me on twitter or visit my blog ^-^

I think that is enough ㅋㅋㅋ paypay~

With Love



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