About aysesa



aysesa in da house(?) lol xD

Well, now i’m an artworker in here! yeaayy!! \(´▽`)/

As you know, i’m a B2UTY and MELODY. I’m also a BBC and ANGEL kkk~ i think i have many fandom. My top bias is Minhyuk from BtoB, Doojoon from B2ST, and Leeteuk from Super Junior (。♥‿♥。) They are an amazing boys who have an amazing talent and voice. I love their voice so much, they have a special voice each other. I think, many of my bias is a leader. But, lately i realize that i have many bias that are visual too kkk~ xD ok, it’s not important (‾⌣‾”٥)

Ok, my name is aysesa. A girl who lived in Semarang as a junior high school’s student. My hobbies is listening music, reading, and singing. You must know, I LOVE EDITING so much (≧◡≦ʃƪ) so, don’t be shy to ask me about a request picture. But, sometimes i’ll be lazy to editing. so, you all must know what time i have a good mood for editing kkk~ xD

if you guys wanna know more about me, find me on :

wordpress | tumblr

that’s all my personal account so you can ask anything on that site (´⌣`ʃƪ)

I think that’s all, sorry if my english is bad. But, i love english!(?) (‾▿‾)


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